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Compared to the massage place I went to before, this place makes me feel more comfortable. I don't get my hour shortened for just changing my clothes. And if Jess wants to tell me something about the massage that needs further detail, she waits until it is over. I appreciate that I get a full relaxing hour. The place and Jess make it that way. Thanks.

~Dawn D. - Steubenville, OH

My last session with Jessica was great. She helped me with my migraines. Getting my face and head massaged has really helped. Plus, I have had inner thigh issues and getting that massaged has really helped as well.

~Dawn D. - Steubenville, OH

Although I've been receiving monthly massages for about the past nine years, I've only been a patient at Allegheny Muscle Therapy and Massage for a little over a year. I truly believe that I am receiving the most benefit I've ever gotten through massage with AMTM.

Due to past car accidents, I have a band of what the doctors call 'hypersensitivity' across my lower back. It prevented me from giving my children piggyback rides; even if my husband hugs me with his hands too low, I can have pain. The hypersensitivity makes it difficult for many therapists to give me a good massage; most tend to avoid that area completely. And while that doesn't cause pain, it also doesn't release those muscles.

Rene has found a perfect balance, digging in where she can, but using the lightest of touches as necessary. For the first time ever, I'm able to completely relax during a massage; I don't have to worry that the therapist is accidentally going to use too much pressure, causing me to jump with pain.

Thanks so much. Please know that I truly appreciate your giftedness!

~Sally R. - South Fayette

I was able to coach and pitch last night and didn't have any major tightness or pain afterwards. Progress fwd. Nothing backward. Huge difference... even just sitting and driving in the car from before to now. Pressure has subsided and more nimble... So thankful that we had an appt today!

~Jay R. - Imperial

Since February, I have been waking up, going to sleep and living each hour with severe pain. I can’t find a way to lay that is comfortable, can’t go to sleep, I can’t sit at my desk. It hurts with each movement; I can’t sit at the table and eat without pain. I will be having a conservation with someone and all I can think of is “how can I hold myself so my shoulder, back and elbow does not hurt so much?’

It wasn’t just the lack of motion—Pain DOMINATED MY LIFE. Even after the procedure, the pain remained, even as I was getting some range of motion back.

I woke up Tuesday morning I lay in bed and opened my eyes….and started to think about my work day and what I had to do and then I realized: for the first time in 6 months, I did not think of my shoulder pain first. It was so much less than it had been, I could rollover and easily get out of bed… no deep stiffness. I can’t tell you what that kind of relief means to someone in chronic pain.

I did my stretches that day in a good bit of comfort- that I had not felt before…. Exercising was almost enjoyable, not something to dread. Then I went to PT that afternoon and I did NOT take a pain pill beforehand ( I had to always take Percocet to even have them touch me for manipulation). Went through warm up exercises and pt manipulation with less pain than ever. And got good movement.

I’m not a doctor, and I know that naysayers will say that there is always a point when frozen should starts hurting less (I’ve been waiting for that moment for months now!). But I know math—and the chances of that moment occurring 12 hours after the treatment is just a bit too coincidental for me. I credit the procedure.

~Thelma R. - Coraopolis

My first massage every, it was done by Renee Swasey. Before I came in for the massage I had been getting sharp pains in my neck for weeks. Renee was able to totally get rid of those pains. I am not the type to go for a massage often, but I think I will make this a regular part of my life now. I am very pleased with the service and the staff are friendly and welcoming. I will definitely be back.

~Densie S. - Oakdale

I threw my lower back out in late August. After multiple chiropractic visits, I was still in significant pain with limited range of motion. At my regularly scheduled monthly massage in early September, Renee suggested that we try microcurrent stimulation. I was game for anything that could help me feel better so we gave it a shot After my session I could feel a difference as soon as I stood up from the table. I am going to be honest and say that I am still having some issues with my lower back but it feels much better than it did. I truly believe that the microcurrent stimulation had an immediate and positive impact on my back. It resulted in some badly needed relief and it has made me a believer! I am so thankful that Renee continuously explores alternative techniques to help achieve health and healing for her clients.

~Chrissy C. - Seven Fields

I began going to AMTM for nothing more than a relaxing massage. I go every four weeks now. When I scheduled my last appointment the therapist that usually does my massages informed me she would not be there and set me up with a new therapist. Little did I know that I would come in with a sports injury. I am a runner and a week previously injured my calf. I went to my regular chiropractor who was able to relieve quire a bit of the pain, so much that I decided to try and run on it. After about 10 strides I re-injured it and had to stop. Two days later I had my appointment with my new therapist. They too were a runner and understood what I was going through. They took the time to listen and although I thought I was going in for a relaxing massage, I received (and am so grateful) a deep tissue, muscle therapy massage. They worked on the calf and back providing trigger point therapy. Not the most relaxing massage, in fact, uncomfortable BUT the pain is 100% gone! I am writing this two days since my therapy and the pain is still gone and I will be attempting another short run tonight. I would 100% recommend Renee and her staff to anyone looking for any type of massage. They are wonderful! Special shout out to the new therapist that did this for me!

~Jeff H. - Imperial

I have been a patient of Renee for over 15 years. I was introduced to her by my chiropractor after a fall. She helped my healing process immensely and I decided to continue my treatment with her on a monthly basis. My job was very stressful and I would have severe muscle spasm in my neck and lower back. Renee had kept me very healthy with monthly treatments. My PCP keeps telling me "you are healthy" - yes, because of natural remedies. Massage and the chiropractor! I recommend many of my friends to Renee and they are very pleased.

~JoAnne A. - Aliquippa

Allegheny Muscle Therapy is such a wonderful place. I have had several massages done there and all of the massage therapist do an exceptional job. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a massage.

~Missy C. - McDonald

Renee is very knowledgeable & professional. I have been receiving treatments of all forms of massage from her for over 15 years. She’s had extensive training in all different types of massage and trigger point treatments. She’s helped me through different injuries, normal muscle & soft tissue everyday strains & just your average preventive health massage. After a recent car accident, Renee has worked with me extensively to expedite my return to work after suffering neck & back injury. In the past I had work & a car accident injury where I was directed to traditional physical therapy only & it delayed my return to work and normal life style & activities for many months. In this case I was able to return to work & most activities in 2 months.

~Tina -- Kennedy Twp.

I saw an ad in the local paper about a salon that just hired a new massage therapist and thought I would give her a try. Well, that was approx 15 years ago! I have been going to Renee ever since. She is compassionate, caring, professional & thorough. She really listens to you and evaluates your needs. If you go and see Renee, you will get the best massage you ever had & if you're looking for it--you'll gain a loyal friend for life.

~Tony C - Kennedy Twp.

It is an honor to write a testimonial for Renee Swasey. She has helped me in more ways than I am sure even she is aware of. I began seeing Renee to help with neck pain stemming from a car accident. Her amazing touch did wonders to clear that up quickly, but I have continued to see her because frankly – she keeps me in motion. Her intense knowledge base is evidenced not only in her massage technique but also in her every day wisdom. Renee may be small in stature, but when it comes to massage she is a power house. It is evident that she truly cares about the well-being of her patients as a whole. She is professional, patient, kind and genuinely concerned that she achieves the therapeutic results her patients seek. She is careful to focus on individual muscle issues while still being attentive to the body as a whole. As someone who travels more than an hour for a massage with Renee, I would have to say she is truly a gift. Her skills and her spirit make her one of a kind and I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else.

~Mary -- Gibsonia

Before seeing Renee my headaches were chronic and so was my back pain. I went to chiropractors but they couldn't decrease my tension. My pain comes from the stress of every day living and terrible sleep habits. Renee is the most caring and knowledgable therapist I have ever had. I feel a dramatic increase in my energy and an even larger decrease in my headaches. Thank you Renee your not just my therapist but a personal friend.

~Desiree -- Coraopolis

I am quite certain that I would not have had an enjoyable pregnancy if it were not for Renee. At around 10 weeks pregnant, I developed severe and piercing lower back pain that negatively impacted me both physically and emotionally. I was a client of Renee's prior to the pregnancy, but at this point, I needed more frequent visits with her. I saw her no less than once every 2 weeks thoughout my pregnancy and she provided me with great relief. There were times when the pain would surface unexpectedly and even with little notice, Renee was happy to see me and help me through it. Renee is incredibly gifted in her craft and I would encourage any woman experiencing such pain during pregnancy to contact her. I cannot stress enough how beneficial prenatal massage can be to a women's overall wellness.

~Michelle -- Robinson Twp.

For over 12 years, I've found relief in the hands of Renee. I started using her massage therapy services when doing physical therapy for neck problems caused by a car accident. For years I dealt with pain, headaches, and reduced mobility. She was instrumental in the retraining of my neck muscles, which has eliminated the headaches and returned my neck mobility to a normal range of motion.

Over the years, Renee has helped me through two pregnancies, over-doing the yard work, physical and mental stresses, and the decision to start running the successful competition of four half-marathons.

Following the birth of my second child, I suffered from extreme pain in my hip. My medical doctor sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. After many tests, MRIs, and X-rays, the surgeon was unable to diagnose the cause of the debilitating pain. When he offered to give me a cortisone shot to mask the pain, I realized I needed a more natural solution. Renee's knowledge of anatomy, muscle therapy, and a few sessions with her healing hands, the pain was gone and remains gone for 6 years.

Through her unique ability to listen to what my muscles need and he true desire to improve the health and life of her clients, she has been able to improve my quality of life the drug free way!

She is always expanding her knowledge, learning new techniques, and provides truly custom treatment specific to your body's needs.

Renee is not a massage therapist, she is healer!

I recommend to anyone who has mild to extreme pain, stress, plays sports or chronic discomfort to go see Renee.

~Monique -- Moon Twp.

Renee & Courtney:
I thank you for the treatments last year at Allegheny Muscle Therapy & Massage. During a difficult recovery from a sports injury, the massages really helped. The deep tissue and trigger point therapies on my quad and glutes were wonderful for helping with the pain and improving muscle fascia. Since my massage sessions, I have had PRP and sarapin procedures. I've learned that through massage, physical therapy, natural healing methods, and other non-surgical procedures, injured muscles and tendons can be rehabilitated without the need of invasive surgeries. While I'm still not 100% quite yet, I am well on my way to enjoying the outdoors to the full again! Thank you,

~Dina G. -- Carnegie